Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Every Happening in Our Life is Pre-determined?

If there is a possibility that brain simply processes given inputs (like mentioned in my earlier entry), and gives us thoughts/experience/emotions/etc, then it opens up another interesting possibility. Probably even for the future, all the inputs are already made, and our brain simply does a journey through all those inputs!

We can see it as a kind of some photo album in which, photos are arranged in chronological order. When we see the photos, we try to feel the moments in the same chronological order. Another example could be watching a movie. Sometimes we get engrossed to the movie so that we feel as if we are part of the happenings in the movie. Similarly why not even the life that we experience is also some kind of album and we simply journey through it?

In essence, everything is pre-determined; the inputs for our brain for our every thinking/feeling is already made; and we simply consume them.


  1. All being in the earth evolved from same Gene - the only difference is the switch in DNA are different between them to evolve. So all information in human being already embedded in DNA.

    1. May be you are true. May be not! May be you have been made to believe that everything is there in DNA. May be thats just a made up fact, but it is made up in such a way that whatever (against) you hear about it you will believe that DNA has everything. May be I am wrong too :)