Sunday, February 12, 2012

We all experience the same thing... Just that at different time lines

Again, an analogy would help. Just imagine a situaiton of two people reading the same book. Both have not started at the same time. Say, there is a difference of 10 minutes. And, they both read at the same speed. In this case, both will get the experience fo reading the whole same book. But just that, at different time lines (first guy - 10 minutes earlier).

Similarly we might also be experiencing same life! Not just the life of humans, but also from the very very begining. We might have lived the life of amoeba, fish, birds, dinosaurs, .... human0, human1, ..., i, ... , you ,...? Feeling this possibility is awesome!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Considering Brain in the Digital Perspective

In general, anything that does processing requires some inputs and produces some outputs. Our brain also does that. Its inputs comprises the following:
  1. visuals (video)
  2. audio
  3. smell (to my knowledge no digital form for this is invented yet)
  4. history of memory
  5. history of thoughts
  6. etc.

All these inputs might be in some of files, and what brain does is, for any given situation, pick up all such files, process, and simply produce outputs. The outputs are nothing but thoughts. The thoughts will become part of history of thoughts and will be considered as inputs next time.

This perspective opens up various other possibilities, which I will try to cover in the forthcoming blogs.

Happy Thinking :)

Life as a Digital Album

The whole sequence of events in life can be seen as experiencing some kind of photo album, where every event is made up of certain inputs (what we see, what we hear, what we smell, etc.). If those inputs are stored in our brain in some kind of form along with the timelines, and if somehow we get access to it, then it opens up several interesting possibilities!

We would have seen photo albums of some of our past events like birthday party, wedding, wedding annviersary, etc. When we see those photos now, we might recognize the presence of certain people which we might have missed to see in the actual event! We might have even felt bad about the fact that they did not come for the event! Whereas now, when we see the photo, we get a different perspective. Similarly if we could somehow glance through the event album present in our brain, and if we can get back to past, we might be discovering certain things!

Time is Just an Illusion

I think there could be a possibility of time to be an illusion!

Probably everything is happening simultaneously. The time of when I wrote this blog, the time of when you started to read this blog, the time of when you read this line, are all happening at the same time, but parallely. All incidents/situations co-exist. Even what happened 10 years back still exists in a different plane. That is also applicable to what is going to happen in the next 10 years! We all are in an illusion so that we believe that all such incidents happen one after the other!

Is Every Happening in Our Life is Pre-determined?

If there is a possibility that brain simply processes given inputs (like mentioned in my earlier entry), and gives us thoughts/experience/emotions/etc, then it opens up another interesting possibility. Probably even for the future, all the inputs are already made, and our brain simply does a journey through all those inputs!

We can see it as a kind of some photo album in which, photos are arranged in chronological order. When we see the photos, we try to feel the moments in the same chronological order. Another example could be watching a movie. Sometimes we get engrossed to the movie so that we feel as if we are part of the happenings in the movie. Similarly why not even the life that we experience is also some kind of album and we simply journey through it?

In essence, everything is pre-determined; the inputs for our brain for our every thinking/feeling is already made; and we simply consume them.